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Saturday, July 20, 2013

CanvaS4 Custom ROM For Micromax Canvas 2 A110 (

CanvaS4 Custom ROM For Micromax Canvas 2 A110

Here comes our post on Custom ROM for Micromax Canvas 2 A110. Still today, the most selling phones of Micromax are from Canvas series. People are satisfied when they buy any from the Canvas series at an affordable rate, because it provides all the features provided by any other mobile manufacturer at a very high rate.

CanvaS4 Custom ROM For Micromax Canvas 2 A110

A few months back, Samsung released Galaxy S4 flagship device, which is known as high-end Smartphone with a high price tag. Undoubtedly, it has robust features with a better UI. In case, if you are not ready to buy this high-end Smartphone right now but you are eagerly waiting to use all its features and you own Canvas 2 then it’s possible. Thanks to the XDA developer (dgrules), you has ported all the features of Galaxy S4 on Micromax Canvas 2 by installing CanvaS4 Custom ROM.

Features of CanvaS4 Custom ROM For Micromax Canvas 2 A110

Stock JB based Rom
  • Fully Galaxy S4 Touchwiz Themed
  • Galaxy S4 Weather Widget
  • Galaxy S3 Touchwiz Launcher
  • Galaxy S4 Bootlogo(THE ORIGINAL)
  • Samsung Bootanimation
  • Galaxy S4 Styled Settings.apk
  • Galaxy S4 Dialer
  • Galaxy S4 Themed SystemUI(Worked a lot on it)
  • Galaxy S4 Styled Stock Lockscreen
  • Ported Galaxy Touchwiz Clock.apk(fully working now)
  • SMemo
  • Galaxy S4 My Files
  • Galaxy S4 Icons
  • Galaxy S4 Themed Music Player(+the Music Widget)
  • Call recording on stock callscreen(by pressing options button)
  • Galaxy S4 Battery icon
  • Bravia Engine 2
  • Loads of Build.prop tweaks
  • And much more…
So, are you ready to use Galaxy S4 features on Micromax Canvas 2 A110? Then follow the detailed guide on “How to install CanvaS4 Custom ROM For Micromax Canvas 2 A110“. Before proceeding ahead, you have to read the disclaimer and prerequisite.
Disclaimer: We have not developed this ROM, so if anything happens to your phone or some functionality are not working then don’t blame us!


1. Charge your battery up to 70%.

2. Enable USB debugging. (Settings > Applications > Development > USB Debugging)

3. Back up your phone data.

4. Install Micromax Canvas 2 A110 USB drivers from here.


5. Your device must be rooted and CWM Recovery installed on it.

6. Download files to install CanvaS4 Custom ROM For Micromax Canvas 2 A110

Download this rom

Steps to install CanvaS4 Custom ROM For Micromax Canvas 2 A110

Step 1: Download ROM file from above link and place into an external SD card.

Step 2: Switch off your phone and boot into CWM Recovery by “pressing and holding Volume Up + 
Power Key (long press)“. In the Recovery mode, use the Volume keys to move up/down and the Power key to select a highlighted item.

Step 3: Now, perform a full data wipe by selecting “wipe data/factory reset” and “wipe cache partition“ and then go to advanced from there select “wipe Dalvik Cache“.

Step 4: Now, go to the main menu choose “install zip from SD card” > CanvaS4 Custom ROM For Micromax Canvas 2 A110 (Which you have downloaded and placed in SD card) > give Yes for confirmation. The process will take 3-5 minutes to install the ROM so wait for the whole process to complete.

Step 5: Finally, go back to the main menu and select “reboot system” now. The phone will take 10-15 minutes to start and initialize all the services & apps because this is the first time you are starting a phone after installing Custom ROM. Don’t be hesitate and wait for complete process.

So, this guide is about CanvaS4 Custom ROM For Micromax Canvas 2 A110. If you face any problem while installing Custom Rom For Micromax Canvas 2 A110 then put your query or problem via comments below and we will solve it ASAP!


  1. Is it pre rooted.

  2. i have installed it in my a110 but i am facing whenever it starts first it give an error like " contacts has been stopped". tell me what i should now? i need pure samsung rom..pls help out.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. hellow rohit sorry for late...i was busy in my now u face what problem..tell me detailed...cas i am not found any problem regarding this .....

  5. what about ram...??
    S4 runs on 2GB ram and A110 on 512 MB..??
    is 512 sufficient for S4 ROM..?

  6. no actually it provides u all the features of canvas 4.....remember RAM is whatever it eats a limited number of portion of ur RAM... tried it..... and share with us....

  7. Stuck at boot logo(nearly 1hr)...installed using TWRP recovery..
    any help....